Plant shutdowns are one of the most critical times in the operation of any plant, as they can affect the plant’s financial future in either a positive or negative way. A poorly planned shutdown can exceed its deadline, or go past its budget which can negatively impact the plant’s bottom line. Loctite, through SB Simpson, can help with tips and an executed shutdown maintenance plan that will positively affect your plant and have it running within capacity for years.

In this blog, we will explore how Loctite and SB Simpson can help you prepare for maintenance during a plant shutdown by taking a proactive approach and ensuring the right Loctite products are available when and where they are required.

Loctite’s Tips and Steps for a Plant Shutdown

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Fix it the right way
  3. Evaluate repairs and cost savings

Plan Ahead

Being proactive about plant maintenance can help you stay ahead of shutdowns and take away many of the headaches. By scheduling a plant survey (virtually or in-person) with Loctite through SB Simpson (email us now for more info) it will help to identify areas in the plant that need repairs. They will do a full survey of your facility, provide support for your team, and identify areas for maintenance improvement and cost savings.


  • Save Time
    Reduce the number of maintenance issues and the time it takes to address them, which will free up your team for other tasks.
  • Reduce Energy Costs
    Make your plant more efficient by finding and sealing costly air leaks and eliminating loose connections.
  • Improve Safety
    Keep your team safe by eliminating any and all injury hazards.
  • Reduce Fluid Consumption
    Control plant operating costs better by repairing costly leaks and reducing cleanup and disposal costs.

Plant Shutdown Tips

Fix It The Right Way

After your plant is surveyed, Loctite and SB Simpson will provide a detailed report on best solutions for repairs and schedule a maintenance workshop to address the leading causes of preventable issues. These problem areas include;

  • Vibrational loosening of fasteners
  • Air and hydraulic leaks from threaded fittings
  • Spun bearings and keyway wallow
  • Gasket failure

Plant Shutdown Tips

Evaluate Repairs & Cost Savings

On completion of the repairs during your shutdown, Loctite and SB Simpson will conduct overall reviews with process improvement suggestions, and present final reporting with an ROI.

Resulting in:

  • Increased process efficiency
  • Reduced works in progress
  • Reduced plant operation costs
  • Improved throughput
  • Increased quality and reliability

Contact SB Simpson to learn more or schedule your site survey or maintenance workshop today.

Plant Shutdown Tips

Key Loctite Products For Industrial Maintenance & Repair Operations

Loctite’s wide range of products will help to keep your operation running longer, increasing the time between breakdowns and eliminating the risk of failure. At SB Simpson, we carry Loctite’s full suite of maintenance adhesives, repair epoxies, lubricants, coatings and sealants.

Each product works to reduce downtime and improve the reliability of almost any piece of equipment and machinery by:

  • Preventing mechanical failures
  • Eliminating any leakage
  • Improving repairs and extending equipment life

SB Simpson has all the Loctite products you need to successfully
repair and maintain your plant before, during, and after a shutdown!

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