Industrial Vending Machines

If you own or operate a business within the industrial sector, then you know just how important it is for employees to have all the necessary MROP and safety supplies available, when and where they need them. Each employee has different work habits and each task requires different supplies, which can make it challenging for businesses to monitor and control the usage, especially in large-scale operations. Industrial vending machines stocked with everything employees need, from cutting tools and abrasives, to tapes and adhesives, along with all the PPE needed to keep the workplace safe, can take the guesswork out of providing the right  inventory to the right people at the right time and can improve your overhead costs and supply chain efficiency in the process.

How Do They Work?

Our industrial vending machine solutions simplify the supply chain and deliver our customers savings.  They can be stocked with all of the supplies and protective equipment your employees require to safely complete their work. By utilizing this mode of delivery, you can effectively control and track usage through the management and control software, which works in conjunction with the vending machines. Employees can simply use their badge or ID card to dispense the items they need, and then they can return to work in a timely fashion, reducing wasted time, tracking per person usage, and improving overall efficiency & inventory management.

We understand that every business is different, and as such, the objectives and requirements of the industrial vending machine solution will differ for each of our customers as well.  In order to effectively manage the needs of our unique clients, we offer a variety of industrial vending machine solutions that can stand alone or be combined and customized to meet the simplest or most complex requirements for almost any industrial application.  The majority of our customized solutions involve one or more PTI vending machines, but we also support SupplyPro machines as an option.


The DistriMag™ is the ultimate solution for high management cost and high consumption volume equipment and supplies. This model allows you to have 24/7 control over your distribution, and it’s guaranteed to reduce your consumption levels by 25%, which will save you time and money. 


This model operates in an identical fashion to the DistriMag™, which means it also has the same control and distribution benefits. The LockMag™ was designed to be an automated distribution system for oversized and specialty bulk items that won’t fit into industrial vending machines that were designed for more compact items. This system is linked to and works in conjunction with the Distrimag™ model to create one convenient distribution location to meet all of your staffs’ needs.


Some forms of safety and protective equipment are used less frequently and are less consumable, which means they require an industrial vending machine that allows employees to check out and return them. The GoMagPlus™ is a modular locker system that lets companies perfectly control their inventory and employees’ tool usage. The system allows for 24/7 availability, reservations, and inventory tracking. Using this system will reduce back and forth occurrences, eliminate tool loss, and promote standardization. 

All of our industrial vending machine solutions are able to help you effectively control and track your safety equipment and tool and supplies inventory, thanks to our InMag™, GoMag™, and mobile management and tracking software.


Where Should They Be Installed?

Although our team will work with our customers to recommend a solution and implementation plan, ultimately, you can choose to place your industrial vending machines wherever you deem to be the most efficient and convenient location for your employees. Many of the industrial vending machine models can be combined to create a convenient one-stop location for your staff members to procure all of the equipment and supplies they need to complete the task at hand. The advantage to using SB Simpson’s industrial vending machines over a traditional tool crib or storeroom is that they are much more compact and organized. You’ll no longer need to have a permanent equipment and inventory manager because our vending machines effectively control the distribution of equipment and supplies, reduces over usage of items, theft and as our software tracks inventory levels and individual consumption. 

How Can Industrial Vending Machines Benefit Your Staff?

Aside from the obvious convenience benefits of industrial vending machines, there are several other ways the machines can improve the day-to-day work experience. Using our software, you can customize what tools and equipment are available to each staff member, which means they’ll never have to worry about grabbing the wrong tool or equipment for the task at hand, within reason. Our inventory management and distribution system also ensures that you’ll never run low on inventory again, which ensures that all of the equipment and supplies your staff members need to safely conduct their tasks and duties will always be available. By streamlining the procurement of supplies and equipment through the use of our industrial vending machines you can increase the productivity of your workforce and reduce your overhead costs, all while improving your employees’ workplace satisfaction.