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Offices, campuses, worksites, and anywhere that hosts a large number of people every day need a reliable stock of janitorial supplies to keep the space clean and functional. SB Simpson is a proud provider of hundreds of janitorial supplies from PPE to cleaning equipment, and we’re proud to be a trusted janitorial supply provider since 1960. Regardless of your space, your needs, or your budget, with over 30,000 items in stock, SB Simpson can provide you with exactly what you need to keep your staff well-equipped and your business or campus spotless.

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Safety Products

Before a project begins, there needs to be a focus on safety and wellness of your labourers,  builders and workers. Through our website, over the phone or in-store, you can find all you need for a safe and comfortable work environment, regardless of the size of the job and number of your workforce.

Safety Supplies:

Janitorial Supplies

Keeping a campus, a business, or any other large space is no small task. It’s vital that janitorial and maintenance staff are supplied with not only a variety of tools and equipment but also tools and equipment of high quality.  The quality and the make in brooms, brushes, vacuums, and mops can make a huge difference in both sanitation and comfort. This is why, at SB Simpson, we offer a large selection of janitorial supplies that fit the needs and quality standards of our customers and their space. 

Material Handling

Proper material handling is essential to the proper safety and maintenance of supplies, equipment, and debris. In order to safely and efficiently carry and store sanitation materials, you must invest in proper material handling for your space. Carts, shelving, containers, and bags, are all necessary for a clean space and a job well done. 

Chemicals, Cleaners, And Coatings

A great and long-lasting clean comes from quality cleaning supplies. At SB Simpson, we make sure to only provide the best in cleaners and coatings to ensure the safety and productivity of our customers when they’re cleaning large spaces like businesses or campuses. With a wide array of polish, air fresheners, cleaners, and coatings, you can be sure that SB Simpson is a one-stop shop for all of your cleaning and janitorial needs for any task, big or small. 

SB Simpson is proud to provide businesses and campuses with everything they need to keep their space clean, safe, and functional. With over 30,000 products in stock, there’s no janitorial need that we can’t satisfy.

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SB Simpson has been proudly providing our customers with the high-quality equipment, tools, supplies, and value-added services they need since 1960. Our commitment to customer service excellence and our exceptional sourcing capabilities has earned us a reputation as a flexible, responsive, and reliable industrial distributor and partner.

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janitorial supplies